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Brevica created a fully-responsive online reservation system that specifically highlights vacation packages.

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The new reservation system greatly simplifies the booking process and makes smart suggestions for additional hotel & attraction purchases, leading to a significant increase in conversion and average revenue per transaction.

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The reservation backend encompasses all aspects of Black Ball Ferry Line's business - from ferry scheduling, accounting, marketing, to business analytics.

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This is a sample demographics report designed to gauge the effectiveness of regional marketing campaigns and reach.

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The system also generates vouchers, tickets, and gift certificates on-demand.



Although Black Ball Ferry Line operated a highly successful vehicle and passenger ferry service between downtown Victoria, British Columbia and Washington State, their online presence was disjointed and confusing for their customers. Black Ball hired Brevica to create a comprehensive reservation system with a focus on increasing vacation package sales.


Brevica created a completely new reservation system and continues to improve and maintain the software. The front-facing reservation system seamlessly integrates marketing and reservations, including featured packages, business intelligence that suggests additional hotel & attraction options for basic ferry reservations, and an optimized sales process built to increase conversion. The reservation backend is used by virtually all Black Ball employees and combines ferry manifests, accounting, marketing demographics, and more. The complexity of the application is staggering, and is built to accommodate years of intertwining rules, special cases, and various scenarios.


In the year immediately following launch, package bookings increased by 32% and vehicle reservations increased by 5%. Given the softness of the tourism market plus a general saturation of the existing local market, the new system’s results are fantastic. The reservation system continues to increase sales year-over-year, and additional features are being added.

Client & Project Details

Client & Project Details

Long-term contract since 2012: Development and active updates for a large-scale reservation system.


Marketing: Online marketing (marketing site, SEO, custom e-commerce analytics)
Development: Large-scale web application using CakePHP + Bootstrap 2. The application combines a custom marketing + e-commerce system along with backend accounting, reporting, ferry + passenger tracking, and more. The application bridges multiple systems across all Black Ball Ferry Line departments.

Brevica custom-built a fully-integrated product that addressed the significant demands and complexity of our business, and which finally enabled us to manage every aspect of the front and back ends of our web site and reservation system all in one place.

Our productivity and ability to handle an ever-increasing amount of traffic have improved dramatically. Brevica has excellent, timely support and a keen eye for detail. They are a big part of our success.

- David Booth, CFO