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Liveedit is an online photo/video collaboration tool built for fashion industry professionals. Brevica consults with them on marketing, strategy, and UX improvements to the core app.

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In 2012, Brevica revamped Liveedit's marketing site in order to expand into the amateur and small-studio markets.

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Brevica partners with Liveedit's in-house development team to periodically consult and improve the application's user experience. This image shows a before/after comparison of Brevica's design suggestions.

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Sample banner ads run on and other amateur fashion industry sites.

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Brevica created this video storyboard for use on the Liveedit marketing site.



Liveedit is a successful photo collaboration tool for the fashion industry. Although Liveedit has achieved a great amount of success in the high-end market with clients like Vogue and L’Oreal, the amateur and small-studio markets largely pass over Liveedit in favor of simpler, low-cost options.


Liveedit brought in Brevica to help expand into the amateur and small-studio markets with a combination of application strategy and external marketing campaigns. Brevica created a new marketing site to highlight the additional professionalism and time-saving benefits for small studios. Brevica further built a marketing campaign focused on bringing studios “to the next level” – an aspirational message for ambitious photographers stuck at the amateur level. Finally, Brevica progressively reworked Liveedit’s application UX (user experience) to streamline the app and reduce the learning curve for new users.


Since 2012, new subscription growth is up 78% on average. Most new clients are in the target amateur and small-studio markets, and client retention has increased from an average of 2.5 years to 4 years. Tier 1 tech support requests have decreased overall, despite the large increase in new subscriptions.

Client & Project Details

Client & Project Details

Long-term contract since 2012: Ongoing retainer for UX resign + strategy, with periodic marketing campaigns.


Marketing: Online marketing (marketing website, PPC, display ads, SEO, analytics)
Strategy: New sales flow + conversion strategy, ongoing UX redesign

From marketing, consulting, user experience, to SEO –

Brevica has been instrumental in solving some of our most difficult problems.

- Darren Lipman, Product Manager