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Movement is a lightweight, flexible church management system. It's built to enable leaders to run their church without requiring a high learning curve.

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Church admins can create groups like this and give access to other leaders in the church. Leaders are able to communicate with their congregation across SMS, email, and Facebook, track information, and more.

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Churches can also use Movement for daycare check-in, complete with SMS notifcations and nametag printing.

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Finally, Brevica created a grassroots marketing campaign centered around growing the local church through better shepherding with Movement.



Church management technology is often difficult for new and small churches to adopt – it either attempts to replace existing technology (Facebook) or raises the cost and learning curve of adoption too high. Consequently, churches are left without a viable way to track and communicate with their congregation online.


Brevica built Movement to serve as a lightweight and free management platform for churches. Movement focuses on a few key aspects of church management – organizing people and groups, communication, visitor follow-up, and analytics. Instead of replacing technology, Movement uses technology people already use – church leaders can send messages based on people’s preferred communication style (email, SMS, Facebook) and receive replies in turn. Built-in guided tours on every page increase user adoption, and a flexible platform allows churches of all types to set up their own style and methods of organization.


Since opening our beta program, Movement’s growth has outpaced any other project we’ve seen before. Word of the app has been spread virally across church networks with a minimal grassroots campaign by Brevica. Investor and partner interest in Movement is high and the app is set to leave the beta stage shortly.

Client & Project Details

Client & Project Details

Full development started in Q1 2014. Marketing campaigns started in Q3 2014.


Marketing: Grassroots marketing (social media, private networks)
Development: Large-scale SaaS web application using Ruby on Rails + bootstrap with the ability to dynamically generate accounts for churches.
Strategy: Initial application strategy, plus facilitation of talks with investors and integration partners.

I’m amazed at how flexible Movement is for all kinds of churches.

It’s absolutely outstanding at creating order and gaining meaningful insight into our church community.

- Heath Salzman, Midtown Church