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Brevica created a flexible, responsive web platform that allows PaymentGear to provide white-labeled payment services at the touch of a button.

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Bookstore Kiosks are iPad-powered mobile POS devices we created for PaymentGear to sell existing hardware and branch out into the church and non-profit community. They have been used to win some of PaymentGear's largest and most influential clients.

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We also revamped PaymentGear's online presence with a new marketing site and online ad campaigns.

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A sample payment page, part of PaymentGear's new web platform. These can be generated in minutes for new clients, and accept a wide variety of payment methods and schedules.

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This is from the "Skillbuilders" campaign run jointly by PaymentGear + Ballard Labs. We created a print + online marketing campaign to reach out to local business leaders and increase business.



The payment processing industry is constantly evolving, and new companies like Square, ApplePay, and Stripe are taking market share formerly occupied by traditional payment processing firms. PaymentGear hired Brevica to expand into the SaaS (software-as-a-service) and startup industry.


Brevica overhauled PaymentGear’s online presence and created a backend platform built to provide unique, value-added services to tech clients. PaymentGear employees are able to dynamically create private, white-labeled e-commerce sites, payment pages, and signup forms that enable SaaS companies to seamlessly integrate PaymentGear’s processing into their existing business model. Brevica also created one-time projects to win high-value targets such as a custom iPad mobile POS. Finally, Brevica partners with PaymentGear on an ongoing basis to review business strategy towards the startup industry and run seasonal online/offline marketing campaigns.


Since 2010, 70% of all new clients have been won as a direct result of Brevica’s work with PaymentGear. PaymentGear is now considered an industry leader in the SaaS and startup community, and their approach to creating vertical revenue streams using a white-labeled tech platform is being widely emulated among other payment processing companies.

Client & Project Details

Client & Project Details

Long-term contract since 2010: Ongoing retainer for marketing + strategy, with periodic large-scale development contracts.


Marketing: Online marketing (marketing websites, PPC, SEO, analytics) + Print/Offline collateral (Corporate identity, handouts, flyers)
Development: Large-scale mobile web application using CakePHP + bootstrap. Web framework with the ability to dynamically create new e-commerce, acquisition forms, and payment pages for new SaaS partners using PHP/JS. Mobile iPad POS system with card-present hardware/app. Gateway plugins for Ruby on Rails/ActiveMerchant.
Strategy: Ongoing technical & strategic support for SaaS partnerships, including a full rebrand and positioning for the startup industry.

Over the course of five years Brevica has consistently brought value to our company by working alongside us to build our marketing and messaging strategies, develop meaningful products for our clients, and effectively use web based tools for generating new business.

Brevica is an integral part of our company’s success and we could not be in the place we are today without them.

- Nathan Vorwerk, President