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Zip Zester invents and manufactures top quality kitchen products, including their top-selling product, the Spin Zester. Brevica worked with Zip Zester to create their online presence, including e-commerce store and online ad campaigns.

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The homepage design was built to show off the gorgeous visuals created by their flagship product.

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The homepage directly advertised the primary products as well as product videos.



Zip Zester was an up-and-coming kitchen technology company with a highly anticipated product, wide backing from the restaurant industry, capable founders – and no online presence whatsoever.


Zip Zester hired Brevica to create and manage their online presence and marketing from their beginnings as a small startup to their final sale as a successful, mature company with a string of successes under their belt. Over the years, Brevica built five e-commerce sites for Zip Zester as their product focus and market position evolved, created a kiosk point-of-sale system for conference sales, and ran a long-term marketing campaign complete with monthly reports to push direct sales and expand product reach.


Over the course of several year, Brevica’s e-commerce site and marketing campaigns account for virtually all direct sales of Zip Zester’s products. Brevica’s marketing campaigns also expanded Zip Zester’s market share, enabling small to mid-level restaurants to try the product and later sign up for larger purchase orders across franchises.

Client & Project Details

Client & Project Details

Long-term contract from 2010-2014: Ongoing retainer for marketing + strategy. Five e-commerce/marketing sites.


Marketing: Online marketing (e-commerce/marketing websites, social media, partnership with journalists, PPC, SEO, analytics)
Development: A total of five e-commerce sites using WordPress + Shopp/WooCommerce.
Strategy: Ongoing market + positioning strategy.

The direct relationships and timely responses from Brevica were very refreshing and helpful with the constant changes of our business – all the members of their team were professional and highly skilled.

Their quality speaks for itself and we’ve recommended Brevica many times to all types of businesses.

- Jansen Braaten, Director of Sales